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Just A quick message to say that our organic Turkey Tail is now back in stock and ready to be shipped to you!

Organic Turkey Tail extract powder is perfect for you if you want to boost your overall health, improve your ability to recover from illness, decrease the amount of time you feel less than 100% or just kick start your new health regime!

Organic Turkey Tail Extract Powder

Turkey tail gets its name because its colors and patterns resemble the tail feathers of the wild turkey, however, the colors of turkey tail can vary, hence the name versicolor. Turkey tail is a common polypore bracket fungi that is easy to recognize, and is found the world over.

In Asia, turkey tail is a highly regarded medicinal herb, and has been used in medicine for centuries. In China, it is called Yun Zhi, and in Japan, Kawaratake—“cloud mushroom,” and goes by the scientific name (Coriolus versicolor).

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Neal has had long running relationship with Daoism and its health related practices including Chi Gung, Meditation and a interest in its methods of using herbs and food to generate health. He hopes his passion will rub off on you in a positive way.

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