Testosterone Balance And How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Help


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Testosterone and medicinal mushrooms might not seem related but studies show that they can not only raise levels of the hormone in our bodies but also balance it out when levels are too high.

Why is this important or useful you may ask?

Testosterone has numerous effects on our bodies and can effect many different aspects of who we are from the amount of muscle density we have, to how many red blood cells our bone marrow produces. It also can have a effect on our feeling of well being from sadness to lack of confidence and motivation.

Due to its effects on performance in sport Lance Armstrong would use testosterone patches at night to increase muscle mass and thus make his body stronger than would be possible if he was left with his natural hormone levels.

Now we are not advocating cheating in sports or using drugs to get a advantage over your rivals, but what if you would like help balancing out your hormone levels, for health reasons or to aid in your training program and speed up recovery?

Medicinal Mushrooms And Hormones

If you are looking to balance your testosterone levels, exploring the world of medicinal mushrooms may be of benefit to you. In recent years medicinal and edible mushrooms have become increasingly popular throughout the world, with research showing benefits in immune function, cognitive function and endocrine and hormone health.

Mushrooms contain active compounds which affect testosterone levels and can inhibit or stimulate testosterone production, depending on the mushroom species. Consult your physician before using mushroom products.

The Reishi Mushroom Effect

Ganoderma lucidum, the reishi mushroom, is growing in popularity around the world as a natural cancer treatment. According to a study published in “Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry” in 2006, researchers from Kyushu University in Japan tested ganoderma and its effects on testosterone production.

Ganoderma contains oils called triterpenoids which significantly reduced the production of 5-alpha-reductase — a hormone which increases testosterone production, and is an important factor in benign prostate growths and prostate cancer.

Researchers confirm that ganoderma may be a beneficial treatment for prostate disease in men, although more research is required to confirm the clinical benefits in humans.

Raise Testosterone Levels With Cordyceps

Cordyceps, also known as the caterpillar fungis, is native to Asia and used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine for a range of medical problems. In a study published in “Life Sciences” in 2003, researchers from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan tested the effects of cordyceps on testosterone production in mice.

Cordyceps had a significant effect on testosterone production in the mice tested, stimulating increased testosterone levels from Leydig cells in the animals’ testicular tissues. Researchers concluded that cordyceps may offer future treatment for reproductive problems in men. Human clinical trials are still needed.

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Neal has had long running relationship with Daoism and its health related practices including Chi Gung, Meditation and a interest in its methods of using herbs and food to generate health. He hopes his passion will rub off on you in a positive way.

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