Reishi Mushroom Benefits For The Skin And Other Parts Of Your Body

Does your skin look like a dry river bed bereft of moisture?

Or maybe it's starting to resemble an elephant who's not had a lovely mud bath in weeks!

If this sounds familiar then we are here to help!

And we hope we can offer you some great news and stop your from diving head first into the nearest mud bath.

Here at we love mushrooms we like them very much indeed and we love to shout about their wide and varied health benefits as much as we possible can. 

But we normally only mention the benefits that they provide within the body and effects that you can't really see that easily.

What about the parts of your body other people see all day long the part you see most of all...your skin?

reishi mushroom benefits the skin

Have things gotten this bad?

How Does Reishi Mushroom Benefit the skin you ask?

Reishi mushroom benefits the skin by improving the functions of organs and systems within the body that then have an effect on the outside.

For example I think we all know about the importance of the liver in cleaning the blood and detoxing us from all the nasties we have come into contact with through our diet. 

Any toxins that you eat, drink, absorb through your skin, or breathe in through your lungs has to be filtered out by your liver. Our amazing livers are the key organ involved in keeping our skin healthy.

reishi mushroom benefits for the skin

Reishi mushroom ( Ganoderma lucidum ) is a well-known medicinal mushroom that has been shown to have obvious hepatoprotective properties meaning effects that protect the liver. (1)

This means that taking Reishi mushrooms daily helps you keep your liver functioning as its best and working it's magic. 

It also might help your liver get rid of that cheeky bottle of wine you " shared " with friends last weekend.

Your skin hates free radicals and for good reason

A damaged and inflamed liver tends to leak higher amounts of certain chemicals and enzymes.

Reishi mushroom helps to balance the levels of liver enzymes. Furthermore, it raises levels of glutathione, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in your body. As we know, anti-oxidants are crucial to eliminate free radicals from the body.

And yep you guessed it free radicals are not a friend of healthy skin! 

Skin damage caused by free radicals may appear in several forms: premature wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, unevenness in skin tone, and lacklustre skin due to the breaking down of collagen.

Beta glucans the secret to skin health

Reishi mushrooms are also chock full of beta glucans and if you buy wisely extracts like our organic dual Reishi extract contains 30% beta glucans! 

Beta glucans are soluble fibers that come from the cell walls of oats, fungi, yeasts, and some plants. They boost the immune system and help absorb cholesterol from foods.

They are also amazing at hydrating the skin and restoring moisture levels. No more dry elephant skin for you!

Although we love the fact that beta glucans help the skin remain hydrated we still think the best effects are those on the immune system.

If you not feeling healthy then whether your skin is looking good or not you won't feel great regardless.

So next time you start covering your face in that really expensive face cream.

That swears it's going to make you look 10 years younger it might be worth thinking about the humble Reishi mushroom. 

They say beauty comes from within and in the case of Reishi mushrooms it may well be more true than you imagined. 

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