Raw Reishi Mushroom Powder…….Think Twice Before Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On Useless Products The Body Can’t Use

Raw Reishi mushroom powder is awesome right?​​​​​

It is full of Reishi goodness unspoilt by the evil heating proccess and thus fits into my raw food diet correct?

If I were to eat anything but Reishi in it's purist form eg ground up raw Reishi mushrooms, I would be losing out on it valuble nutrients?

Well in a word NO. And in two words HELL NO!

Lets find out why and help you save your hard earned cash 🙂

Bioavailability Of Raw Reishi Mushroom Powder

The Reishi mushroom has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to maintain, improve and possible correct major health issues in the human body.

Traditionally in Chinese medicine the raw Reishi mushroom would be cut into thin strips or ground up.

Then this material would be heated in water for times up to or exceeding 1 to 2 hours. The final tea or decoction would then be drunk by the patient.

So why was the raw Reishi mushroom heated in water for such long periods?

Why was it never just eaten raw or put into food in it's original state?

To find this out we need to look at the composition of the Reishi mushroom and all mushrooms for that matter..... And crabs.

So lets have a look!

raw reishi mushroom

Here is the molecular structure of Chitin for all you science geeks!

Found within the cell walls of mushrooms and for that matter the exoskeletons of anthropods such as crabs and lobsters we find a substance called Chitin.

An interesting fact for you now the structure of Chitin was first discovered by Albert Hoffman the first man to synthesize and ingest LSD!

Raw reishi mushroom

Albert Hoffman

Now this Chitin substance is extremely tough and cannot been broken down by the human digestive system without an enzyme called Chitianese. Which very few humans have in their stomachs in large amounts.

And those that do would still struggle to break down the cell walls.

This means all the amazing health benefits are trapped within the cells of the mushroom and cannot be used by the body.

That sucks right? 

But wait......there is an easy sollution!

Why Reishi Extraction Is Essential

How can we break through the Chitin armour of mushrooms cells?

The simple answer is with heat! 

If you heat Chitin long enough in a simple water decoction eventually the Chitin will melt and release all those wonderful triterpenes, ganodermic acids and polysaccharides into the water.

But now with modern day technology instead of just transferring these water soluble elements into the solvent ( water or alcohol ), it can also be turned into a powdered extract.

To do this the solvent containing all the good stuff is then sprayed onto special sheets and the solvent is evapourated off. This leaves a powder residue which can be turned into capsules or put into bags.

The above of course is a very simplified version of the extraction process. Here at Vitalherbs our extracts are made using a much more technical process. 

For example the raw Reishi mushroom powder is heated on three separate occasions in large metal drums full of water. These drums are also put under very high pressure to stop the disintergration of the bioactive elements.

With our dual extracts another solvent is used alcohol, this is to help extract oil based elements such as triterpenes. These can be extracted more easily with alcohol at higher concentrations.

Impurities are also removed during the final stages of the proccess including any heavy metals that may have been absorbed by the mushrooms from the atmosphere.

This is a no brainer when considering the leval of pollution in modern times! 

​Don't Ever Waste Your Money Again

​Now you know the secrets hidden within the cell structures of these amazing mushrooms!

​With this new found knowledge you can save yourself and any one you tell a lot of money.​

It is a sad thing to say but not all companies out there are trying to do their best for you.

​Many just want to make as much money as possible and jump into the growing market for medicinal mushrooms.

Selling either raw Reishi mushroom powder without the knowledge that it is virtually useless or even worse knowing that and not telling you!​

So whether your a new convert to the raw food diet and it's ethos of never heating foods above certain temperatures or you have just read an article stating that raw reishi is best or you just had bad second hand info.

We hope that we have cleared up a few things and now you can see why true extracts are always the best way to go.

And you won't ever waste any more money or time on useless raw Reishi mushroom powder.

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Neal has had long running relationship with Daoism and its health related practices including Chi Gung, Meditation and a interest in its methods of using herbs and food to generate health. He hopes his passion will rub off on you in a positive way.

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