Eating A Few Mushrooms Every Week Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Cognitive Impairment New Study Reveals

mushrooms can help cognitive function

Here at Vitalherbs we love mushrooms and not just the exotic kind that you won't find in your local supermarket ( think Reishi ).

But yes we love even the plain old button mushroom. You know the one that appears in a good old heart stopping English fry up!

Now what if I told you that that plain old white button mushroom could help you keep your brain in shape and maybe stop you losing your car keys?  

Not Just An Average Mushroom

This might sound too good to be true right? 

But a new rigourous study has been carried out in Singapore on a group of seniors aged 60 and up. 

And the results are very promsing for MCI or in laymans terms Mild Cognetive Impairment.

This was no half arsed short term study either the group was studied for 6 years. The researchers even tried to figure out exactly how little or how much mushrooms would be enough to see results. 

So How Many Mushrooms And How Often?

And here's where the news gets even better, especially if your not as big a fan of mushrooms as we are and don't pile them onto your plates at every opportunity.

The study revealed that adding just a few mushrooms to your diet was enough.

Over the course of the study, the researchers say they found a link between eating “more than two standard portions of mushrooms weekly” and a reduced risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment in the studied group. 

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A standard portion was defined as “a cup of cooked mushrooms with an average weight of 150 grams.” Two of these portions fill about half of an average-sized dinner plate. 

That really is not a lot if you think about then breaking these portions down into smaller sizes over the course of a week.

Truely Food For Thought!

Now the seniors who ate just these two portions or more per week had a massive 50% lower risk in developing MCI.

Let me say that again 50% lower risk just by eating some bog standard mushrooms.

Even members of the study who ate just one portion experienced some benefits when other factors like “demographic information, medical history, psychological factors, and dietary habits" were taken into the equation.

So these great health benefits are easily within grasp for the average Joe as you don't need to be eating kilos of mushrooms every day. 

In fact just adding a few mushrooms to your meals here and there would easily be enough.

Food for thought indeed.

mushrooms improve cognitive function

So What Exactly Is going On?

The mushrooms used in the study were four of the most commonly used in cooking Shiitake, Golden, Oyster and the white Button mushoom. 

The team involved in the study say they have pin pointed a chemical in these mushrooms for further research. This same team in a previous study found that mushrooms contain a chemical called ergothioneine an amino acid.

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This amino acid was found to be significatly lower in the blood plasma of people who had Mild Cognative Impairment compared with healthy people of the same age.

Ergothioneine could be the key to why mushrooms have such an effect on the health of the human brain. Humans cannot produce this amino acid themselves but mushrooms are very rich in this very beneficial chemical.

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So it may be that simply eating mushrooms is a way to address the brain/dietary need for ergothioneine and thus improve brain function. But as always more studies will be needed to confirm this 100%.

And seeing as the results of this study are so positive we are sure more interesting research shall be done. 

We always thought mushrooms were great. It's even better to see modern research giving us ever more reasons to love them!

The Study Was Published At The Journal For Alzeimer's Disease

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