Organic Chaga Extract Powder

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Organic Chaga dual extract powder made from wild foraged sustainable Chaga mushroom.

With over >20%  beta glucans and <5% alpha glucans.



Organic Chaga extract powder made from wild foraged sustainable Chaga mushroom.

With over >20% Beta Glucans and <5% Alpha Glucans

Full of many naturally occurring triterpenes which have been made ready for absorbtion through our hot water extraction process.

Because of our production method our organic Chaga extract powder contains more of the beneficial beta glucans, polysaccharides and the all important triterpenes found within the cell structure of the fruiting body.

These triterpenes are normally locked within the cell walls of the mushroom and need to be set free using hot water and time!

As these cell walls are heated the tough Chitin (the same compound Crabs use to make their shells!) is slowly melted and broken down releasing all the triterpenes.

This is the reason extractions are 100% more effective than raw powders which should be avoided at all costs.

>20% Beta Glucans        <5% Alpha Glucan

Organic Chaga Extract Powder

  • Shipped in heat sealed resealable stand up pouches to maintain freshness.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan and Halal friendly!
  • Free UK P&P
  • Sustainably wild forraged.
  • Proof of quality sent with order.
  • No added starch, mycelium, or grain of any kind.
  • Dual extraction process.
  • Bags are 100% Bio-degradable!
  • High in anti-oxidants.


The Chaga mushroom is put through a triple hot water extraction plus a alcohol precipitation, this process makes sure that almost all the polysaccharides and beta-glucans and other health promoting elements are released from the fruiting body.

From our perspective not all herbal extracts are created equal and we pride ourselves on creating highly potent Chaga  extract powder that not only says it’s amazing but can prove these claims!

So to back up our claims of purity and strength all our medicinal mushroom extracts come with a detailed analysis that is made at the time of production.

Organic Chaga extract powder


Like many medicinal mushrooms Chaga does not contain just one element that can improve health but are many and varied!

So what are these amazing substances?

1. Betunlinic Acid (triterpenes)

Betulinic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene sterol that naturally occurs in the Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) mushroom. Chaga converts betulin from its birch tree host into betulinic acid which is more biologically active in humans and other mammals.

Betulinic acid is probably one of the most unique and important triteprenes found within Chaga.

This compound is very beneficial in supporting a healthing immune system, healthy cell division and has been shown in studies to improve the inflammation response. 

An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases.

“Inflammation has long been a well-known symptom of many infectious diseases, but molecular and epidemiological research increasingly suggests that it is also intimately linked with a broad range of non-infectious diseases, perhaps even all of them.” Learn More

In the future herbs and mushroom extracts that help reduce inflammation could be key to curing and preventing disease!

2. Beta-D-Glucans

Whats are beta glucans?

That’s right most people have no idea what beta glucans are yet there are now thousands of peer reviewed articles written all about them.

Belonging to a group of physiologically active compounds called biological response modifiers, beta glucans are naturally occurring sugars that act as highly conserved structural components of cell walls in, fungi, seaweed, and yeast.

Beta glucans can increase Cytotoxicity by stimulating white blood cells (macrophages & natural killer cells) to stop tumor growth.

To learn more about the health benefits of beta glucans click here

3. Anti Oxidants

Chaga sclerotium contains massive amounts of the natural black pigment known as melanin, which has high antioxidant levels due to the amount of polyphenols it contains.

In fact, chaga has the highest ORAC score (the measure of antioxidant potency) of any superfood!

4. Polysaccharides

The Chaga mushroom contains structural polysaccharides within its chitin walls, which provide energy, cardiovascular health, intestinal and liver health, and promote healthy blood sugar levels.


  • Shipped in heat sealed resealable stand up pouches to maintain freshness.
  • Vegetarian/ Vegan and Halal friendly!
  • Free UK P&P
  • Sustainably wild forraged.
  • Proof of quality sent with order.
  • No added starch, mycelium, or grain of any kind.
  • Dual extraction process.
  • High in anti-oxidents.

Dosage And Analysis

Take half to 1tsp twice a day before meals.

See product images for detailed analysis of our organic Chaga extract powder.

>20% Beta Glucans   <5% Alpha Glucan  



Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician if you are pregnant or nursing; have or had a medical condition, or are taking any description drugs. If you feel any adverse effects at all, stop taking the product immediately and consult your health practitioner.























21 reviews for Organic Chaga Extract Powder

  1. CHRISTIAN (verified owner)

    Good products!

  2. WENDY M. (verified owner)

    Very helpful and a great service! Product packaging is excellent.

  3. Fabien (verified owner)

    Good product, good quality. Quick delivery. Taste very pleasant, looks like coffee. Start of treatment: reduces fatigue, without exciting effect, and improves endurance. Thanks you Vitalherb’s.

    • emptyvessal (store manager)

      Hi Fabien glad you liked our Chaga extract and it’s great that your feeling some benefits 🙂

  4. Howard (verified owner)

    Perfect for my afternoon coffee for increasing energy.

  5. Sabine (verified owner)

    A good supplement, perfect in my homemade muesli, I recommend it.

  6. Howard (verified owner)

    Great addition to coffee, especially if you want to enjoy a more interesting decaf 😉

  7. Pat (verified owner)

    Arrived on time, packaged well, good to see recycle packaging. Have used product for few weeks, have not contracted any viruses this year while others around me are suffering! Not to keen on the taste rather bitter.

    • emptyvessal (store manager)

      We add ours with some hot water and aguave helps sweeten things up a little 🙂

  8. Horea Demea (verified owner)


  9. Nicholas Lowe (verified owner)

    great product, very hard to find freshly foraged chaga, looks good quality and tastes great, delivery very quick

  10. Carmen Florina (verified owner)


  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve used chaga for a while so it’s great to see this one offered alongside all my other favourite mushrooms 🙂

  12. george (verified owner)

    First time as an extract, good product

  13. Nicholas Lowe (verified owner)

    Great products

  14. Stefan Gadie (verified owner)

    Brilliant product, cannot recommend enough

  15. Wendy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these products for 2 years with positive results. Excellent service and value.

  16. Ian Howarth (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  17. James Wilson (verified owner)

    This is a herb I’ve just started to take so not able to give it a five star rating but vitalherbs has in the past only made my life more pleasurable with there quality herbs & im sure that this herb will only enhance my mind body & soul

  18. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery and helpful product .Thank you .

  19. Wendy (verified owner)

    I have been blending your Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Maitake for three years. The quality and health benefits are excellent. I wouldn’t purchase mushroom powder from anywhere else. Always delighted with your packaging and service. Thank you.

  20. Polina (verified owner)

    I love the Chaga powder, I add it to my coffee every morning!

  21. Ray (verified owner)

    Sound ingredients received very quickly

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