Reduce Stress With Reishi And Reduce Anxiety


reduce stress with reishi extracts


Reduce stress with Reishi?

Not to mention depression, anxiety, frequent colds and flu, indigestion, allergies, fatigue and grief?

The Duanwood Reishi mushroom is known as “The Great Protector” in Chinese medicine. It is one of the most revered mushrooms in Asia. The Red Reishi mushroom grows in dead stumps and tree branches. For over 3,000 years, it has been extracted into a tonic herb used to promote immune regulation.

Reishi is considered an adaptogen, a nutritive substance from plants, herbs or mushrooms that improves the body’s ability to adapt to stress and increases resistance to disease. Adaptogens are plants or fungi that can be ingested to help one adjust to their environment. Adaptogens like reishi mushrooms modulate the immune system and reishi may reduce stress.

They cool it down when it’s too hot. They stimulate it when it is under-functioning. Reishi mushrooms are also considered to be neoplastic, meaning they modulate the growth of malignant cells. Hence lots of buzz about Reishi mushrooms in the cancer community. Adaptogens have for the most part been completely off the map of Western medicine.

The allopathic approach  focuses obsessively on treating illnesses after they manifest. Adaptogens like reishi mushrooms help the body adapt in order to prevent illness in the first place. Humans and our monkey cousins have been ingesting adaptogens since before recorded history.

The tradition continues today as a fine art form in both Western and Asian herbology and mycology. In Chinese medicine, Reishi is considered one of the greatest tonic substances on the planet. ‘Tonic’ for Chinese practitioners means restorative or rejuvenating.

Tonics are especially important for those of us who have depleted our energy by too much chronic stress, overworking without enough rest and sleep, and kidney-depleting, nutrient-deficient ‘phoods’ like coffee, sodas, sugar, white flour, energy drinks, etc. For those new to Chinese preventive medicine, just popping 3 capsules of powdered Duanwood Reishi a day without changing your stressful lifestyle and nutrient-depleted diet won’t be enough to rejuvenate you with vital life force energy.

But if you replenish yourself with enough rest, real food and pure water… adaptogenic Duanwood Reishi may help you restore the energy and immune function you’ve been missing much more quickly. In addition, (and Western initiates may not believe this until they try it), Chinese herbologists have long held that Reishi heals the spirit and so you can also reduce stress with reishi. After ingesting it, enthusiasts report a spiritual elevation, a more detached perspective, and a calm mind free of depression or anxiety that has made it a tradition among Asian monks for thousands of years.

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