Cordyceps Extract Powder That Packs A Punch


Cordyceps Extract Powder That Pulls No Punches

Here at Vitalherbs we are very pleased to have found a Cordyceps extract powder that is not only totally organic and rich in all the essentials such as cordycepin, polysaccharides and triterpenes but is also made from the fruiting body of the Militaris fungus.

We believe that keeping things as close to how nature intended is of paramount importance so our Cordyceps extract powder is grown on silk worm larvae. To maintain, as much as we can, how it would have grown if in its natural state.

The Militaris fungus that is formed is then put through a double extraction technique using not only hot water extraction but also a alcohol extraction too. This makes sure that both the polysaccharides and triterpenes are taken from Militaris fungus leaving nothing behind.

From our perspective not all herbal extracts are created equal and we pride ourselves on creating a Cordyceps extract powder that not only says it’s amazing but can prove these claims. So to back up our claims of purity and strength all our medicinal mushroom extracts come with a detailed analysis that is made at the time of production. Below is the analysis for our Cordyceps Militaris extract.


cordyceps extract powder

                          Cordyceps Militaris Analysis Sheet


Cordyceps Analysis

As you can see from the analysis sheet our cordyceps extract powder has an extraction ratio of 10:1 meaning for example, that it took 10grams of raw product to produce 1gram of extract using the latest techniques in extraction. This process made sure that high levels of beta-D-glucans were extracted from the Cordyceps which is essential.

What Are Beta-D-Glucans?

β-Glucans belong to a group of physiologically active compounds called “biological response modifiers” and represent highly conserved structural components of cells walls in yeast, fungi, and seaweed.


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Technically Beta Glucan is an immunomodulator which helps make your immune system smarter. It can help raise your immune system’s response so your body can naturally fight off and kill cancer. The term immunomodulator here is the real key; it is not an immune stimulate. Beta Glucan modulates or activates but never over stimulates.

More Information

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Boost Your Health But Don’t Break The Bank

We have tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible without risking the quality of any of our products. And when you buy our Cordyceps extract powder you are getting a lot for you money especially if you consider that if you bought sixty 500mg capsules or tablets you would only be getting 30grams of actual extract and from our research you can pay well over £60 for such a product.

If you want to improve your overall health, boost your endurance or improve the function of your lungs and kidneys then look no further than our Cordyceps Militaris extract visit the store now and make a healthy change today!

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