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Reishi Extract Capsules Now In Stock | Our Strongest Reishi Ever!

Red Reishi extract capsules made from a 22:1 Reishi extract the strongest extract we currently stock! With over 40% polysaccharides and over 20% beta glucans these really pack a punch. Our red Reishi Extract capsules are made from the fruiting body of the Duanwood red Reishi mushroom and not the mycelium. Because of our production […]

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5 Reasons Maitake Extract Kicks Healthy Ass

IF YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE HELPFUL SHARE AND HELP OTHERS! Share0 Share 0 Tweet0 Pin0 1.MAITAKE EXTRACT STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Like other medicinal mushrooms, Maitake contains a complex sugar called beta-glucan. In laboratory and human studies, maitake extract was able to stimulate various cells and factors in the immune system.  Maitake stimulates the activity […]