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Health Benefits Of  Reishi Mushrooms

Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms


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Servings Per Pack – Aprox 200

Dosage – Add 1/4 to half a teaspoon of extract to warm water or a smoothie or your favourite hot drink twice a day.

Proof – Our Cordyceps extract powder comes with a detailed analysis certificate to prove it’s strength/quality and organic origin.

Polysaccharides 31% Cordycepin 0.12% D Mannitol 7.6% Adenosine 0.31% Beta D Glucans 16%

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Our Reishi mushroom extract is 100% organic and is made from the fruiting body of the Duanwood Red Reishi mushroom and not the mycelium.

Because of this production method our Reishi mushroom extract contains more of the beneficial beta-D-glucans found within the structure of the fruiting body as well as a high level of triterpenes.

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Our Maitake mushroom extract is 100% organic and made from the fruiting body of the Maitake mushroom to retain the natural properties of this amazing medicinal mushroom.

This herbal extract is of a very high quality and when mixed with warm water will dissolve completely and can be
taken as a drink before or after meals as well as on its own.

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The Health Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

The Health Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Certain mushrooms have been employed as herbal medicines for thousands of years in Japan and China. These mushrooms were some of the most effective, yet benign, of the many plants that formed the Oriental herbal tradition. One mushroom, Reishi, was so highly revered that whole mythologies were built around it and representations of Reishi can be found throughout Oriental art.

According to Traditional Chinese medical theory, herbs such as these mushrooms are classified as “superior”, are used as tonics, and fit into a category called Fu-Zheng. A modern day corollary would be immuno-therapy. It should be understood that immune enhancement goes beyond help for serious diseases like cancer, AIDS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It goes to the roots of health itself……

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How Are  Medicinal Mushrooms Used?

How Are Medicinal
Mushrooms Used?

The reishi mushroom is classified botanically as a polypore, a group of hard, woody, bracket-like mushrooms that decompose wood. Because of this hard and woody nature, reishi is not eaten, but cut into pieces and made into a tea.

This traditional water decoction involves boiling reishi at low temperatures for 2-6 hours. The water soluble compounds are left in the decoction and the mushroom pieces are discarded. A water decoction will contain most of the polysaccharides and some, but not all of the triterpenes………

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What ExactlyIs A Mushroom?

What Exactly
Is A Mushroom?

Mushrooms are the fruiting body and reproductive structure of a higher order fungus organism, much like an apple is the fruit of an apple tree.

The actual mushroom ‘tree’ is a fine threadlike network called mycelium,
this mycelium is for the most part subterranean, living in soil, logs and other organic matter. Unlike green plants, which……….

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